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Chapter 5 of the Book of Acts

WelcomWhat are the main points of this chapter?

  1. Who is introduced as having sold a possession? (1)

  2. What did the husband do? Was the wife aware of it? (2)

  3. What did Peter charge the husband of doing? In what way? (3)

  4. Who did Peter say he had lied to? (4)

  5. What happened when the man heard this? What was the reaction of those who heard? (5)

  6. How long before the wife came in? Was she aware of what happened? (7)

  7. Did she attempt to mislead Peter also? (8)

  8. What did Peter charge her with being guilty of doing? (9)

  9. What then happened? What was the reaction upon those who heard? (10-11)

  10. What was being done by the apostles? (12)

  11. How did the people regard the apostles? (13)

  12. Did this hinder the growth of the church? (14)

  13. What did the believers do? Why? (15)

  14. Who else were bringing sick people? (16)

  15. Of those sick and tormented brought to the apostles, who were healed? (16)

  16. Who was filled with indignation and had the apostles put into custody? (17-18)

  17. Who freed the apostles during the night? What were they told to do? (19-20)

  18. What was discovered when the apostles were sent for from prison? (21-23)

  19. When told that the apostles were teaching in the temple, what did the council do? (24-26)

  20. What three charges did the high priest make against the apostles? (27-28)

  21. What was the initial response of Peter and the apostles to these charges? (29)

  22. What else did the apostles proclaim on this occasion? (30-32)

  23. What was the council's initial reaction? What were they planning to do? (33)

  24. Who in the council stood up? Who was he? What did he command? (34)

  25. What were his initial words to the council? (35)

  26. What two examples does he give of 'failed movements'? (36-37)

  27. What counsel does Gamaliel then offer? Why? (38-39)

  28. What was the council's response to Gamaliel? Yet what did they still do? (40)

  29. How did the apostles' respond as they left the council? (41)

  30. What did the apostles continue to do? Where? (42)e to study with us Wednesday Night

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