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Luke 22 Questions will be answered at Wednesday Night Bible Study. EVERYONE WELCOME

Luke 22 Questions

v1. The feast of unleavened bread is called?

a. Pentecost.

b. The Passover.

c. The feast of tabernacles.

v2. Who sought how they might kill Jesus?

a. The scribes and Pharisees.

b. The scribes and lawyers.

c. The chief priests and scribes.

v3. Who did Satan enter? (choose the most correct)

a. Judas surnamed Iscariot.

b. Judas.

c. Judas surnamed Icharus.

v4. With whom did Judas commune?

a. The chief priests and scribes.

b. The scribes and Pharisees.

c. The chief priests and captains.

v5-6. Which of the following statements about Judas surnamed Iscariot and the chief priests and captains is not true?

a. The chief priests and captains were glad, and covenanted to give Judas money.

b. Judas promised.

c. Judas sought the first opportunity to betray Jesus in the absence of the disciples.

v8. Whom did Jesus send to prepare the Passover?

a. Judas and Peter.

b. Peter and John.

c. Peter and James.

v10. Who were Peter and John to follow after entering the city?

a. A man bearing a pitcher of water.

b. A woman bearing a pitcher of water.

c. A man bearing a pitcher of oil.

v11. To whom were the two disciples to say "the Master saith unto thee, Where is the guest chamber, where I shall eat the Passover with my disciples?"

a. The master of the house.

b. The Goodman of the house.

c. The head of the house.

v12. Where would they be shown to make ready?

a. A small upper room.

b. A large upper room.

c. A large upper room, furnished.

v14. When did Jesus sit down, and the twelve apostles with him?

a. When the hour was come.

b. When the time was come.

c. That same hour.

v16. Jesus said "For I say unto you, I will not any more eat thereof, until _____."

a. It be fulfilled in the kingdom of Heaven.

b. It be fulfilled in the kingdom of God.

c. It be fulfilled in heaven and earth.

v17. What did Jesus take and give thanks over first?

a. The bread.

b. The body.

c. The cup.

v18-20. What did Jesus not call the cup?

a. The fruit of the vine.

b. The new testament in my blood.

c. My body.

v21. What did Jesus say was with him on the table?

a. The hand of him that betrayeth me.

b. The fruit of the vine.

c. The bread which represents his body.

v23-24. What was the strife among the apostles about?

a. Which of them betrayed Jesus.

b. Which of them would eat first.

c. Which of them would be accounted the greatest.

v25-27. Which of the following statements did Jesus NOT make regarding who would be greatest?

a. The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors.

b. He that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger, and he that is chief, as he that doth serve.

c. But I am among you as he that doth sit at meat.

v29. What did Jesus say he appoints to the apostles?

a. A kingdom.

b. A leader.

c. A judgment.

v34. How many times would the cock crow before Peter denied Jesus?

a. None.

b. Two.

c. Three.

v35. What had Jesus sent them without, yet they had lacked nothing?

a. Purse.

b. Scrip, and shoes.

c. Both A & B.

v36. Jesus said but now, he that hath a purse, let him take it and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword _____. (finish the statement)

a. Let him buy one.

b. Let him trade for one.

c. Let him sell his garment, and buy one.

v37. What did Jesus say must yet be accomplished in him?

a. His death, burial and resurrection.

b. He was reckoned among the transgressors.

c. He was reckoned among the saints.

v38. How many swords did they have, and Jesus said "It is enough"?

a. One.

b. Two.

c. Three.

v39. Where did Jesus go after leaving the upper room?

a. The mount of Olives.

b. The place of the skull.

c. Mount Calvary.

v41. How far did Jesus withdraw from the twelve?

a. A far distance.

b. A short distance.

c. About a stone’s cast.

v43. Who appeared to Jesus, strengthening him?

a. God.

b. An angel from heaven.

c. Peter and James.

v46. What did Jesus want the disciples to do, instead of sleeping?

a. Rise and pray.

b. Cry sweat drops of blood.

c. Comfort him.

v47-48. When did Jesus say "Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?"

a. When Judas kissed him.

b. At the end of his prayer.

c. When Judas drew near unto Jesus to kiss him.

v50. What part of the servant of the high priest was cut off?

a. An ear.

b. His right ear.

c. His left ear.

v53. What did Jesus not say about the timing of his betrayal?

a. This is you hour.

b. The power of darkness.

c. The hour shall come when I will come again.

v54. To whose house did Jesus captors take him?

a. The chief priest’s.

b. The high priest’s.

c. Pilate’s

v56-60. Which of the following was not one who accused Peter of being with Jesus?

a. A certain maid.

b. A Pharisee.

c. Another.

v61. In truth, how many times did Peter deny the Lord before the cock crew?

a. One.

b. Three.

c. Four.

v62. What did Peter do next?

a. Hanged himself.

b. Laughed.

c. Wept bitterly.

v63-65. Which of the following did Jesus captors NOT do?

a. Spat on him.

b. Mocked him.

c. Smote him.

v69. Where did Jesus say the Son of man would sit?

a. The right hand of God.

b. The right hand of the glory of God.

c. The right hand of the power of God.

v70. How did Jesus respond when asked if he was the Son of God?

a. Thou hast said.

b. Ye say that I am.

c. If I tell you, ye will not believe.

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