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Meet out Wednesday night for Bible Study Chapter 15

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v1. Who drew near unto Jesus at the beginning?

a. Publicans.

b. Sinners.

c. Publicans and sinners.

v2. Who murmured saying "This man receiveth sinners, and eateth with them."

a. Sadducees.

b. Pharisees and scribes.

c. Pharisees.

v4. In Jesus parable of the sheep that went astray where does the man leave his sheep?

a. The wilderness.

b. The forest.

c. The land.

v5. What does the man do when he finds the lost sheep?

a. He rejoices.

b. He puts it on his shoulders and rejoices.

c. He rejoices an puts it on his shoulders.

v6. Who does the man call to rejoice with him when he returns home?

a. Friends.

b. Family.

c. Friends and neighbours.

v7. Jesus said "joy shall be in _____ over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance."

a. Heaven.

b. Heaven and Earth.

c. Heaven and hell.

v8. In verse 8 how many pieces of silver did the women have, and how many did she loose?

a. 50, 1.

b. 100, 10.

c. 10, 1.

v9. Why does the woman rejoice?

a. She found the pence she had lost.

b. She found the piece she had lost.

c. She found the silver she had lost.

v10. There shall be joy in who's presence over one sinner that repenteth?

a. The angels of God.

b. God.

c. Jesus.

v12. What did the younger son say for his father to give to him?

a. His inheritance.

b. The money his father owed him.

c. The portion of goods that falleth to him.

v13. How did the man spend all of his money?

a. Riotous living.

b. Paying his bills.

c. Spending it on others.

v14. What happened to him to make him begin to want?

a. Because he ran out of money.

b. He was in need.

c. There was famine.

v15. What was the man set him in the field to do?

a. Feed the cattle.

b. Feed the swine.

c. Watch the flock.

v16. What did the man wish to fill his belly with?

a. Corn.

b. Corn husks.

c. Husks.

v17. The servants of his fathers house had enough of what to spare.

a. Bread.

b. Meat.

c. Meal.

v18. The man said I have sinned against _____.

a. God.

b. Man.

c. Heaven.

v19. What position did the son want to hold in his fathers house?

a. To be his son.

b. To be his servant.

c. To be his slave.

v20. How far off was the son when his father saw him?

a. A great distance.

b. A great way off.

c. A long way off.

v21. The son told his father what in verse 21?

a. He had sinned against heaven.

b. That he was no longer worthy to be his son.

c. Both A & B.

v22. What did the father tell his servants to put on his son?

a. A robe, ring, and shoes.

b. A robe, ring, and sandals.

c. A cloak, ring, and sandals.

v23. What did they kill and eat after the son returned?

a. A calf.

b. The fatted calf.

c. A cow.

v24. What did the father NOT say about his son?

a. Was lost.

b. Is dead.

c. Is found.

v25. What did the older son hear as he drew nigh unto the house?

a. Music.

b. Chanting.

c. Music and dancing.

v27. Which of the following was NOT in the servants reply to the older son?

a. Thy brother is come home.

b. Thy father hath killed the fatted calf.

c. Thy brother is come.

v28. Why did the father come out and intreat his older son?

a. The son was angry.

b. The son would not go in.

c. Both A & B.

v29. What did the father never give the older son?

a. A goat.

b. A kid.

c. A fatted calf.

v30. How did the younger son devour the fathers living?

a. Lost it.

b. Spent it.

c. With the harlots.

v32. Why should they make merry, and be glad? (Pick the one that is most correct.)

a. The brother is come home.

b. The brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found.

c. The brother was dead, and is alive again.

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