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Please pray for the sick

Updated: Feb 11

Lushia, Jesse and Jessie Jr.

Steve Mahon

Larry Blankenship

Kaye Blankenship

Martin Blankenship

Doris Mahon

Bo Kennedy

Sonny & Brend Johnson

Hubert Hatfield

Mamaw Goldie

Ray and Judy Kennedy

Alma Kennedy

Darvin Wolford

Billie Simpkins

Katie and Boxer Prater

Scotty and Heather Morgan

Robert D. Simpkins

Kathy Goad

Emma Gibson

Shane Keelen

Gerald Pack

Norma Trent

Eric Mounts

Betty Jo Cantrell

Mitch Justice

Johnny Simpkins

Kitty Riley

Jean Blankenship

Matt Bucci

Joe Bandy

Michael Spradlin

Adam Cisco

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