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Sufficient Unto the Day Is the Evil

Thereof in Matt. 7:34, Jesus teaches us that none of us know what the future holds, we all have hopes and adderation of the future, retirement, children grown, mortgages paid, etc. But he also teaches us that time is of the essence, we have no promise of tomorrow, James 4:14.

I. Teach us to number our days. PS. 90:12

A. Teaches us that life is short so live wisely.

B. Man is only here for a short season- 1 Peter 1:24-25

C. Average Life span in the Bible - Ps.90:9-10 (80 years)

D. At one time man lived a very long time; in the Old Testament Noah's Grandfather,

Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. - Gen. 5:27

E. Gen. Chapter 5 - Tells of man's existence from Adam to Noah - man lived a very long


F. As man began to multiply, he gave heed to his own wants and married the daughters of

men (Descendants of Cain) "my opinion" (Son's of God descendants of Seth's sons of

man- Offspring of Cain) Gen. 4:1-26.

G. God Shortened man's days. Gen. 6:1-3. Not exactly 120 years, set in stone but

thereabout, considerable shorter.

`II. Parable of the Rick Fool Luke 12:16-21

A. Parable teaches us that death comes to us all, Heb. 9:27.

B. We can be rich in worldly goods and be spiritually poor before God. Matt.6:19-21

C. Death can come as a thief in the night - II Peter 3:9-11.

III. Things we can look forward to and put trust in coming to pass.

A. 2nd. coming of Christ.

1. Promise to return - Jn. 14: 1- 6

2. Every eye shall see him. Rev. 1:7

3. Resurrection of the dead. I Cor. 15:12-26, 51-58

B. The Judgement. II Thess. 1:7-10

C. Great White Throne Judgement. Rev. 20:11-15, Matt. 25:32-46

CONCLUSSION- God is not regulated by time as we, He is not subjected to the calendar or the clock so, let us learn to number our days. II Peter 3:8

Archie K. Blankenship


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